47 Ronin

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I like samurai. I think samurai are awesome with their lightning fast katana strike and the extend they would go to to protect their honor. I also happen to think that Keanu Reeve is a decent actor who is suitable for roles such as Kai in this movie.

I remember seeing the trailer for this movie in Youtube thinking “this movie doesn’t look too good, it’s gonna be just another holiday action blockbuster but what the heck, it’s Keanu + samurai, it’s gonna have at least some merit to it”. HO BOY, was I wrong…. was I terribly wrong…

47 Ronin has so much potential to be not only a decent film, but a great film. It was inspired by the 47 Ronin of 18th century Japan and happen to have a bunch of good actors and actresses who are able to convince people of the role that they are playing. The scene where all the Ronin committing seppuku was also very emotional along with the score to add a nice touch to the movie’s atmosphere and further amplifies the message and feeling that it was trying to convey.