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Disney’s animation department has really been struggling over the past decade trying to figure out their place in the midst of in-house rival Pixar, and other studios like Dreamworks Animation. They’ve been trying to make all of their films a little bit more hip and cool, and less old-fashioned. Now, with Frozen, even thought it’s a return to the fairy tale musicals of the past, it’s still a little too modern in its sensibilities for it to ever feel like a classic Disney animation.

The film is a loose adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale, The Snow Queen. In the film there are two princesses, Elsa and her little sister, Anna. Elsa has always had the ability to create ice and snow, with no way to really control it. When Elsa is crowned queen, she accidentally reveals her powers at the coronation ceremony and freezes the entire kingdom. With Elsa fleeing into the wilderness, Anna must go after her sister to try and thaw the kingdom and help her sister control her abilities. Of course, along the way Anna meets up with a colorful cast of characters, most notably a talking snowman named Olaf who dreams of Summer, and who also gets the biggest laughs of the entire film.