The Armstrong Lie

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since the Oscar-winning director of TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE obviously cowers before Lance Armstrong and the Texas Mafia “Code of Omuerta” far more than he feared the U.S. military when he was making his earlier flick. Here’s some of the questions Gibney is afraid to ask in THE ARMSTRONG LIE. Though he shows a fawning Barbara Walters saying “You go, boy” while encouraging Lance to destroy the lives of any truth tellers on her show THE VIEW, Gibney doesn’t ask why this thoughtless TV maven isn’t totally silenced immediately. Though he shows how Armstrong had employees threaten truth tellers in phone answering machine messages with murder-by-baseball-bat (while wishing that those on the side of justice also suffer cancer first), Gibney doesn’t ask Armstrong if he signed a formal contract with Satan, or just has an “understanding” with Big Red. (Okay, that might be unfair, because maybe none of Armstrong’s Fundamentalist backers actually BELIEVE a word of their professed theology.)