Walking With Dinosaurs

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I found this movie visually stunning. It’s the best dinosaur CGI yet…better than Jurassic Park or the Walking with Dinosaurs documentary series. Although it uses the “Walking with…” name, and apparently was produced as another film in that series, it is really much more akin to Disney’s 2000 film Dinosaur. That also had talking dinosaurs as well as the same “young dinosaur coming of age and becoming leader of the herd theme”. The dialog and voice acting in Dinosaur were much better than this one though. I found both of these in Walking with Dinosaurs quite annoying. I liked John Leguizamo as Sid in the Ice Age movies, but quickly grew tired of him in this movie. I should note that, as of this writing, I’ve only seen this in the 2D version. I plan to see it also in the 3D, which should be even better visually. Maybe I’ll take some headphones so I don’t have to listen to that dialog again ;)